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We aspire to transform the way institutes impart education in today’s world. That’s why our technology solutions enable seamless connections between faculty, students and other staff members for a more collaborative learning experience.

Through our web and mobile solutions, we digitize traditional processes followed in institutes, making information accessible on demand, with ease on desktops, mobiles and beyond.

Our extensive knowledge of vital modules like institute set up and configuration, student on-boarding (pre and post admission), fees management, information management, data analytics and reports empowers us to customize technologies for our clients.

Functional Modules

Fees Management

Student Management


Notifications (Ediary, Event, Notices)


Academic Year Management

Teacher Management



Attendance Management

Assignment Management




EduQfix is one stop solution for the education institutes for 360 degree management of all their work flows and stakeholders

Qfix is a digital platform specifically designed to enable comprehensive e-communication and mobile based communication between school, parents and students. Available on web and mobile, the platform offers status of the student’s academic manoeuvring, functioning of academic affairs within the same school campus.

Self learning language learning application

Build language learning app which works on web as well as mobile.

Education institute management

Provide a channel to register participants on the digital platform. Increase collaboration and participation for course. Integrate participant registration and data management with backend system. Generate data insights for management. Facilitate coaches and support staff to manage session (online & offline ) requirements. Value added services for E3 participants in the form of mobile app.

Random quiz generator application

Develop mobile application which will provide quiz facility for students.

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