Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are changing the way businesses interact with target users/ customers across the world.

As a business, mobile apps offer "Betetr Customer Engagement, Enormous Growth Opportunities & Prominent Online Presence". Most of your target customers are spending time online on mobile devices, with mobile apps; engage and facilitate better online experience to your customers.

We offer tailor-made mobile solutions to match your business requirements. Our expert team helps deliver mobile apps quickly to maximise ROI. We deliver custom, secure & high performance native & hybrid mobile solutions that works in both online and offline mode.


Native apps for iOS, Android, Windows

When to use
  • For apps that requires mobile hardware features / acceleration like camera, access to in-built feature, hard drive etc.

  • Offline functionality is required with high performance and secure data encryption.

  • Unmatched creative user experience is the essence of app.

Be mindful of following
  • More time to develop and publish to market on different platforms like iOS / Android/ Windows etc.

  • High cost due to efforts required to build & test on different platforms (ios, Android or Windows).

Hybrid apps targeted for iOS, Android, Windows

When to use
  • Light weight apps that requires minimum or zero access to hardware features / hardware acceleration.

  • Moderate performance is acceptable **
    Disclaimer: Hybrid implementation, apps will load in acceptable limit, will not take ages to load up.

  • To develop a proof of concept / minimal viable product and fast go-live to market

Be mindful of following
  • Performance and user experience will be moderate than native apps

  • Vendor locking - App implementations are built on vendor specific frameworks.