Responsive Websites

Planning to setup a new website for your business, make sure it is truly RESPONSIVE.

Based on recent available web usage statistics, almost 50-60% of the website traffic is attributed to mobile and tablets. It is bound to grow in near future exponentially. For enterprises and start-ups, business websites are the first source to generate business leads and increase conversions.

Our responsive website solutions are designed based on following key principals

  • “Mobile First” approach providing the optimal user experience irrespective of whether they use a desktop computer, a smartphone, a tablet.

  • “Content First” approach to deliver business vision, growth and excellence.

Our responsive websites leverage latest trending patterns like

Single page applications(SPA)
Light weight JS driven websites
Parallax design


Static Responsive Websites

  • Suitable for contents that never or rarely gets updated.

  • Suitable for sites that do not require interaction with end users.

  • Ideal for start-ups and small business to showcase business details online as it is quick to develop and cost effective.

Be mindful of following
  • Manual content updates are required.

  • User interaction is minimum / entirely missing from site.

Dynamic Websites

  • Suitable for contents that gets updated frequently.

  • Suitable for sites that require end user interaction to capture information / display information.

  • Products that display dynamic contents from data store based on user inputs, filters etc.

Be mindful of following
  • Development and hosting cost is on higher side.

  • May requires web development expertise to update site.