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We seek to partner with great companies across a wide range of industry sectors to create innovative, inspiring customer experiences.

We offer UI/UX consulting solutions to deliver user interfaces for web and mobile application. Our unique user centric design approach focuses on prime factors of usability, responsiveness and digital transformation.

Our end-to-end services present diverse solutions from development of prototypes and wireframes to full responsive website implementation. Our design thinking process helps stimulate business ideas in a quick timeframe and significantly reducing time, cost and efforts.


Smart public transit solution, get real time location, status and schedule updates

Offered by NEC India, the transit mobile app was built for a municipal transportation authority. It allowed commuters to find bus information and location in real-time using GTFS feeds. It also handled citizen’s complaints through a grievance management workflow tool.

Discover and apply online to various citizens services

Discover and apply online to various citizens services mobile application development with Mahaonline Limited aimed at providing effective use of mobile channels to ensure transparent, efficient and timely delivery of public services. Offered to eligible persons in the state of maharashtra, this application provided easy search of department based services and an option to track current status of application.


EduQfix is one stop solution for the education institutes for 360 degree management of all their work flows and stakeholders

This is a digital platform specifically designed to enable comprehensive e-communication and mobile based communication between school, parents and students. Available on web and mobile, the platform offers status of the student’s academic manoeuvring, functioning of academic affairs within the same school campus.

Online service delivery of citizen services and quick grievance solution

Provide online service delivery to the citizens of one of the largest municipal corporation of India. It is an effort to bring in more transparency and better accountability. It provides facility to raise and track grievance. It also enforce SLA based resolution and auto escalation mechanism in case grievance is not resolved. Along with grievance, it also facilitates online payment facility for property tax & other utility services. It is getting updated frequently to provide better services to citizens.


Easy way to avail motor vehicles department services

Motor vehicles department of leading state of India engage with the citizens by providing value added services and information to citizens. It will help citizen's in distress, raise any grievance. It also provides mock test to study for license exams.

Customized user friendly content management application

When it comes to public domain, multiple languages and responsiveness play a very important role. We developed a responsive content management based website for a municipal corporation in maharashtra. It empowered the staff to manage contents with ease without any support from IT personnel. The multi-lingual website hosted information on various citizen services, government department and more.


Accurate melting point analysis with support of artificial intellegence

To automatically determine melting point and melting range of any solid material using artificial intelligence.

Automatic chemical solutions analysis with smart IoT based solutions

Established in 1981, SPECTRALAB is instrumental in identifying the needs of analytical chemists, and in bringing the solutions to their doorsteps.


Natural resource management with predictive analysis and artificial intellegence

Water Supply is monitored using map ­based view, schematic view, chart­ based view and table ­based view.Time series forecasting for the measurements of supply network to improve distribution planning.Error and warning alerts are displayed for the devices using forecasting.Innovative displays such as calendar display, animated scatter charts along with line, bar charts are used to derive insights Multi level tabular views are provided to get drilled down information. Data can also be exported in the form of Excel or PDF documents.

Real time water distribution monitoring application

Allows the users to monitor the statuses of various components of a water distribution network such as water treatment plant and downstream reservoirs.


Real time device monitoring application

Monitoring the various parameters like Location, current and voltage etc. of the various components of the backup power source. Time series forecasting for the measurements and viewing analytical data in graphical format.

Self learning language learning application

Build language learning app which works on web as well as mobile.



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