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Analytical instruments widely used in chemical, food & beverages, pharmaceutical, petrochemicals industry to perform chemical analysis of the samples. It is an important part of of the decision making process considering its sensitivity with regards to real life impact.

We offer custom tailor made software solutions for products like titrators, analysers etc. Our software solutions can interact with hardware products and introduce ability to read and present data in human interactive formats on mobile or desktop. We have also introduced mechanism to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction and can be accessed remotely from any location. Data security is enhanced using encryption and proper security controls.

We have already provided product re-engineering solutions to upgrade existing products to a new technology platform with better user experience, enhanced data security features and general availability of product interface in the lab or from a remote location. We have enriched products with artificial intelligence to showcase operation faults / hardware faults which has resulted in operation cost savings for engineering team and better experience for laboratory users.

Functional Modules

Parameter Monitor

Electrode calibration

User and Role Management

Network and Wifi Configuration

Touch Calibration

Auto Printer Configuration

Reports Details

Statistics On Reports

Automatic Potentiometric Titrator

Coulometric Titrator

Karl Fisher Titrators

PID Temperature Control

Image Processing

Melting Point Detection



Automatic chemical solutions analysis with smart IoT based solutions

Established in 1981, SPECTRALAB is instrumental in identifying the needs of analytical chemists, and in bringing the solutions to their doorsteps.

Accurate melting point analysis with support of artificial intelligence

To automatically determine melting point and melting range of any solid material using artificial intelligence.

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