Creating online community platform capable of handling 2mn+ transactions

domain : Education  //  industry : Education, E-commerce  //  location : India

// Customer

Qfix is a one stop solution for the educational institutes for 360° management of all their work flows and stakeholders. Premium institutes in India like IIT,IIM and many premium schools /institutes are using Qfix solution for managing daily operations.

The software encompasses student management, fees payment, classroom activities and everything in-between. Bringing together teachers, students and parents it makes collaboration instant and hassle free.

// challenge

  • Quick time to market - MVP to be ready in 3 months and first operational version in 9 months
  • Integration with multiple third party services and components
  • Customized Payment Checkout solution integrated with multiple gateways
  • Large User volume and data volume
  • Product customisation turnaround time as each institute has a unique requirement for admission process, fees collection and data model structure
  • Integration solution

Project Size
3+ years
Project Duration
Team Size

// Solution Proposed

In the customer's challenge, V2STech Solutions saw an opportunity to bring digital transformation to education by setting up a dedicated Offshore Development Center. To meet their aggressive time-to-market deadlines a dedicated development team with software specialists was engaged. Team comprised of senior developers who were guided by solution architects and project managers. Solution architects and UX/UI designer would work with stakeholders to define milestomes for MVP and staggered feature enhancements.

We improved their software product workflow with UX writing to cover all business critical flows. The design team delivered an interactive prototype allowing the client to guage the initial feedback from their clients and end users. After the successs of MVP over the first five years we build a robust and scalable SaaS platform that continues to serve more than 1million users across 300+ premier institutes.

// benefits

  • Proprietary and secure multi-tenant e-commerce store with custom product attributes and simple checkout flows
  • Self hosted payment checkout page that is PCI-DSS compliant. It includes features such as Custom checkout page, merchant based integration with multiple payment gateway providers, handle split payments, partial payments, refunds, reconciliation of funds, POS based payment collection, Third party Pay Now SaaS integration
  • Cross platform mobile application with facility to white label apps for business customers
  • Robust form builder module that supports extensive customization of online admission process, quick and easy to build forms by non technical users
  • SaaS offering for seamless integration with external systems such as Tally, ERP’s and API’s
  • Cloud ready/scalable architecture to support high volume and data handling
  • Custom rule based payment collection module that allows institutes to define fees parameters using rules and algorithm that executes and matches user attributes like standard / class / location / age etc.
  • Scalable technology platform with configurable modules to support multiple domains like education, housing societies, clubs etc, Its a complete white labelled solution backed up by features to replace labels, languages, define users with additional attributes, hide or show properties on screen and m
  • Tally Compliant financial report generations for quick imports in Tally accounting software.

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