Cryptocurrency app design

domain : Cryptocurrency  //  industry : Fintech  //  location : Sierra Leone

// Customer

Cryptocurrency app design for a startup based in Sierre Leone. The startup wanted to put down their grand vision of democratizing quick peer-to-peer and online payments using cryptocurrency into a bespoke mobile app design. The app was to be designed to appeal to domestic users first as well as gain traction with international users.

// challenge

The startup wants to:

  • Promote multiple cryptocurrencies using Stellar Blockchain
  • Encourage users to sign up and adopt their cryptocurrency for day-to-day transactions
  • Engage user to trade in multiple cryptocurrencies in marketplace
  • Adopt digital payments channels and pay merchants, shop online and pay online using their app
Project Size
3+ months
Project Duration
Team Size

// Solution Proposed

To design an app that would stand out from the crowd yet be familiar for users to use, we had to take a step back and perform a competitor analysis of similar apps.

In tune with the user persona's pain points, the UI was kept simple with easy to access user wallet, balance updates, quick access to buy / sell and get market exchange notifications.

For peer-to-peer or online payments UI was simplified with simple payments link, QR code and contact book search. Transactions history would be recorded in detail with value displayed in both cryptocurrency and fiat currency.

// benefits

  • Quick access to cryptocurrency app wallet. Easy to read account balance at a glance in cryptocurrency and fiat currency
  • Encourage adoption of client's cryptocurrency and similar cryptocurrencies
  • Encourage users to trade cryptocurrencies in cryptocurrency exchange
  • Made peer-to-peer payments easy with ability to Pay merchants, shop online and pay online using their app within 3-5 clicks
  • Increase user engagement and attract new users

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