E-commerce application for rural consumers to shop on credit (BNPL)

domain : E-Commerce  //  industry : ECOMMERCE, CRM  //  location : KENYA

// Customer

MITI, is an easy-to-use, fast-expanding mobile banking application that connects rural consumers to the world of online purchasing on credit. It is creating a social impact by increasing access to financial services for rural consumers.

With mobile banking and digital payments, it aims to bring access to quality goods and services to millions of rural households across Kenya, creating an opportunity for consumers to make credit purchases using their financial services.

// challenge

The Buy Now Pay Later platform was envisioned to allow masses access to quality goods and financial services.

The challenge was in onboarding new customers and customizing the platform purchases as per an individual's credit score. BNPL also meant tracking installment payments from existing users and keeping their credit scores updated. Tracking the credit scores and spending limits was crucial for offering a seamless experience to customers.

Project Size
6+ months
Project Duration
Team Size

// Solution Proposed

The project required understanding the intricacies of user behavior in order to simplify the customer onboarding. Getting first time users to signup on mobile devices and keeping them engaged required creating a simpler onboarding system to get the due diligence and credit checks.

We improved their CRM software workflow with UX design to create a smooth customer onboarding and an efficient CRM system for operators. The design was converted into pixel perfect application interface and integrated with their backend system by our software specialists. The software allowed tracking day-to-day activities, job reports and customer reports at a glance. Data analytics from customer's credit checks and purchases were integrated across different department workflows to enable company reps to offer a seamless e-commerce experience to customers.

// benefits

  • User friendly UX for customer success tool for managing customer tickets, orders and payments. The improved resulted in increased customer service efficiency.
  • Drill down filters for quick access to critical analytics
  • Accurate Reports generation using customer's historical data
  • Custom Admin dashboard to onboard users manually

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