Integration of a merchant portal into payments platform to facilitate tax collection

domain : Payments Processing  //  industry : Fintech  //  location : India

// Customer

Client is a platform that aggregates multiple payment methods/providers to offer a single point of access to make transactions.

// challenge

Client wanted integration of a merchant portal into their proprietary payment platform to facilitate tax collection.

  • Customizing user-flow as per merchant.
  • Integrating the solution into proprietary systems without downtime.
  • Create scalable system, reduce deployment times and overall operating costs
Project Size
1+ years
Project Duration
Team Size

// Solution Proposed

The middleware implementation will streamline integrations with multiple merchants that have similar requirements, significantly reducing onboarding time and offering customized solutions to meet their needs.

The application framework is designed to be secure enough to handle data manipulations and protect against hacks.

We developed an architecture that can be scaled to accommodate high user volumes. It was built on microservices combined with DevOps practices.
Developing a framework based on configuration to encourage the use of the No Code/Low Code paradigm.

// benefits

  • Develop a framework that facilitates smooth integration with multiple merchants without disrupting the core payment engine.
  • Rapidly onboard merchants from different channels, with varying data formats and unique requirements.
  • The middleware performs all necessary security and data checks to protect the core payment platform from unwanted requests.
  • The core payment platform is shielded from any changes that are specific to a particular merchant.

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