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domain : Healthcare  //  industry : Healthcare, Senior Living, Care Homes  //  location : UK

// Customer

Carebeans wanted to develop innovative person centered software for the care industry, including care homes, community care, domiciliary care and independent living. As an integrated solution it would allow all stakeholders and user to perform day-to-day operations, manage care plans, have access to all patient information at fingertips. They also wanted to simplify admin workflows to help carers focus on nursing.

// challenge

In order to simplify the user flows, the SaaS would require simple to use user interface. Envisioned as a SaaS product capable of onboarding ‘n’ number of care homes, the SaaS would need to accommodate feature customizations to suit operational requirements of various care homes.

Patient data being critical and at the core of the system, it was essential that it remain secure and always accessible to all end users such as patients, doctors, nursing staff across multiple digital touch points.

In early growth stage a functional MVP would be central to business growth by presenting the MVP in exhibitions and trade shows across the globe.

Project Size
3+ years
Project Duration
Team Size

// Solution Proposed

A multi-tenant SaaS application was developed with a MVP made ready with record time for stakeholder and trade show demos. A simplified user interface was designed to allow users to interact with the software using simple drag and drop actions. The dashboard gave a bird's eye view of current status of care home in terms of any important alerts, overdue of tasks, accidents etc. The system was designed to handle large file exchange and large number of users. It was made secure and GDPR compliant to ensure data protection for sensitive patient data. In order to maintain unhindered access to data at all times, mobility solutions were provided in form of companion mobile app with offline data storage and sync capability.

At architecture level Event driven data exchange with third parties using Kafka and microservice architecture was implemented for ease of product maintenance and feature enhancement. User level restrictions were implemented in accordance with personnel hierarchy in care homes. It allowed system users to manage resident's personal details, pre-admission history, contact and family details, interest, life history, photographs, personal inventories, allergies, documents, absence from care home etc.

// benefits

  • Customer was able to build a MVP from scratch to accelerate their time to market and gain competitive edge.
  • The simplified and intuitive UI with drag and drop feature for job scheduling and managing day-to-day tasks improved the operational efficiency for business users.
  • With the multi-tenant architecture the cloud based SaaS platform was able to white-label their solution for business customers and further customize the solution to suit their business specifications. With industry first mobility solution offering offline data storage and sync capability, the SaaS solution gained wide acceptance and allowed care homes operations hassle free.
  • Implementation of event driven architecture was a crucial technology upgrade that allowed customer simplified product maintenance and also allowed them to offer uninterrupted product enhancement.

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