Product enhancement for enterprise application used by Fortune 500 companies

domain : Access Orchestration  //  industry : Enterprise Security  //  location : USA

// Customer

Client's solutions automate user access across softwares and digital assets in Fortune 500 companies. It simplifies user access audit and review by eliminates manual steps out of access requests and grants.

Automated provisioning, deprovisioning, and emergency access management and tracking controls giving users exactly the permissions they need, when they need it, with a full audit trail of why the access was granted and what they did with it.

// challenge

As a part of digital transformation of their platform and solutions bouquet, client wanted to create an entirely new product experience for its enterprise customers. It was decided to upgrade the software interface to a rich minimalist modern design. Client was looking for a qualified partner with experience in product design and development who would help to enhance the product and also and maintain their platform:

  • Upgrading legacy products and systems without downtime.
  • Partner with right technical partner to ensure the UI and software interfacing for applications is compatible with legacy system configurations.
  • Future-proof the experience upgrade by making it compatible for planned product and platform upgrade.
  • Create scalable design system, reduce deployment times and overall operating costs
Project Size
1+ years
Project Duration
Team Size

// Solution Proposed

Client's digital platform upgrade was made possible by coupling legacy systems to a rich user interface to offer a complete overhaul of customer portals and user experience.

In a short span we setup a dedicated offshore delivery center with UI/UX architect, DevOps engineer, senior developers, front-end developers and SCRUM master. The team quickly integrated with client's in-house team to identify dependencies and critical components.

A micro front-end and microservice components based approach was introduced. APIs were used to expose any static data and sync it in real-time for the dashboard and reports. It enabled backend teams to fetch more relevant and updated content for report presentation.

As a measure of future proofing the code base migration of various components was also implemented in microservices.

We tied in our development processes with client's Agile sprints, by working with them in sync with daily standups and scheduled demos. We added performance testing, code reviews and regression testing to improve overall product quality. Modular approach facilitated making the product code base easy to maintain and also replicate process for new feature development.

The theming program helped fast-track client's digital transformation journey, with modular and microservices approach which delivered components ready for cloud-based architecture.

// benefits

  • Our Cloud ready micro front-end framework helped client to build highly secure, scalable and future ready design system on their cloud.
  • Introduction of microservice components was instrumental in improving the application performance and maintainability.
  • Re-engineered design system and template can be reused for 20-25% faster application upgrades in near-future.
  • The successful implementation has now become the standard pathway for their other product upgrades

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