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domain : Field Force Management  //  industry : Field Force Management  //  location : UK

// Customer

A start-up in UK took up the challenge of digitizing the entire workflow of mobile workforce management in heavy industries.

A SaaS designed for business to move to paperless.

// challenge

While the founders were clear about the core features, the complexity of the application meant building the application would require expertise of software architects, specialist designer, a team with domain expertise. It was critical to improve their software product workflow to keep the application user-centric. They were looking to cut down on the development time, and test the markets with MVP. Their product success hinged on ensuring the development pace stayed on track and their team had the capability to build MVP and feature enhancements rapidly.

Project Size
3+ years
Project Duration
Team Size

// Solution Proposed

In the customer's challenge, V2STech Solutions saw an opportunity to bring digital transformation to customer's product and their niche by setting up a Virtual Offshore Development Center. To meet their tight deadlines they would need a dedicated team with domain experts and round the clock support. A dedicated development team comprised of senior developers who were guided by solution architects and project managers. Solution architects and UX/UI designer would work with stakeholders to define milestones for MVP and staggered feature enhancements.

We improved their software product workflow with UX writing to cover all business critical flows. The design team delivered an interactive prototype allowing the client to guage the initial feedback from their clients and end users. After the success of MVP over the first five years we build a robust and scalable SaaS platform that continues to serve more than 100,000 users and over 1000 businesses across UK and Europe.

// benefits

  • We simplified job scheduling: Scheduling module was simplified for cutting down time in the process, generating the most efficient employee schedules automatically and deploying them where needed.
  • Route Optimization: Proprietary route optimization algorithm was developed to provide Real-time proximity routing and navigation. It ensures drivers are given the optimum route and are precisely guided to their next stop, thus saving valuable business time and money.
  • Real time asset tracking: Improved accuracy for managing business assets and personnel in real time. It will track company assets and monitor every asset in-depth giving businesses opportunity to improve operational performance and optimize costs.

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