// General FAQs

What are your engagement models?

We offer varying engagement models to help you gain total control your budget. For a growing product you can opt for T&M pricing to hire dedicated resources. If you are a startup looking to building MVP, you can opt for our Flexi-plan to hire a core team and augment them with resources when demand spikes. for a well-defined project scope that is not likely to change you can a fixed price model.

What is your approach for product development?

We follow Agile, Scrum or Kanban as per project requirement.

How do I monitor project progress?

We have well defined processes and protocols to streamline project management and communications. You can collaborate with online project management tool at all times to:

  • Review work scheduled
  • Track task status and progress against development plans
  • Provide feedback and any approvals for development

Be a part of daily standups to plan for the day and identify any blockers at the earliest. Furthermore, get an absolute clear idea of progress with our weekly demos.

My project is unique and uses sensitive data. Will my concept and data be well protected?

Yes, your project concept and all sensitive data will be covered with IP protection and SLA.

We are looking to offer digital transformation with our product. Can you scale quickly?

Yes, we build cloud ready applications and SaaS products which can be enhanced and scaled easily.

Why to choose an offshore team? How does ODC help you?

  • More than 40% to 50% cost saving overall
  • Reduction in hiring, training, and infrastructure costs
  • Flexible and round-the-clock working hours including overlap for your time-zone
  • Access to well-trained and highly skilled man power – view our Technology Skills
  • Ramp-up or Ramp-down offshore capacity based on business demand

Why businesses Hire Offshore Teams?

Companies are on the constant lookout for the ways to improve their strategy, reduce costs and come up with better and more efficient solutions. In this regard, outsourcing is a great and proven way to do that, as well as develop high-quality products.

Top benefits are:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Improved efficiency
  • Access to certified software specialists
  • Staffing flexibility

// Service FAQs

What is your project delivery process?

Upon the delivery of the project, our customers receive:

  • Turn-key software.
  • Documentation (technical requirements and design).
  • User manual.
  • Setup program.
  • Installation and maintenance instructions.
  • Source code.

Our customers retain full intellectual property rights over software.

How will we collaborate with you for the project?

We have real-time and and individually paced communication. You will get a dedicated account manager with a project manager to track and update you about your project’s progress.

We provide overlay with your time-zone for project communication. Our technical team can join your team for daily standups and regularly scheduled demos.

How do you ensure code quality? Who ensures the project quality is maintained?

Our developers adherence to all official programming language- and tool-specific guidelines to ensure clean and stable code.

We have in-house protocols to ensure the service quality and by use of code quality metrics and code review practices. We make sure your software is future-proof with Agile and DevOps, cloud-native development, modular software architectures.

What is your area of expertise?

We have extensive work experience in using open source frameworks and have used it for large enterprise implementations.

We have Integrated more than 50 plus third party products from identity management, social ecosystem, ERP systems, cloud based products and many other legacy systems.

We specialize in integration solution services using middleware products, Event driven and micro services based architecture.

Can you build high volume data exchange applications?

Yes, we have proven experience in designing and developing high volume data exchange applications that are robust and secure.

Can your developers and specialists handle my complex project?

No matter how small or complex your project is, we will always suggest the right team member to you. We will setup an interview with your shortlisted resources so that you can have a peace of mind and be assured of their technical skills and understanding. The software specialists are guided by our project managers who are acumen for problem solving and domain expertise.

Will you work in my time zone?

Yes, we believe communication is important and provide significant overlap with your time-zone. As per project requirement we can also extend the overlay to fast-track your project. We set joint meeting in the time overlay and have effective communication practices for any discussions at odd hours.

In general our common working hours are as follows:

  • With UK – 6hrs
  • With USA – 4hrs
  • With EU – 4hrs
  • With MENA – 7hrs
  • With South-east Asia -4hrs
What intellectual property protection do you offer?

Our development team ensures complete compliance to code safety, concept privacy, data protection. We offer complete peace of mind with well defined Service level agreements (SLA) and Non-disclosure agreements that covers IP protection, completion protection and concept protection. We ensure 100% support to non-disclosure agreements (NDA).

How much time will you need to put together my development team?

Depending on the specialization required and developer’s availability you can build your dedicated team in less than 10 days!

Can your developers and specialists handle my complex project?

No matter how small or complex your project is, we will always suggest the right team member to you.

Our senior team has HFI certified usability architect, TOGAF certified enterprise architect, Enterprise architects and SCRUM certified professionals.

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