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Your way to a Seamless Integration!

We have outstanding experience in building, deploying and maintaining complex microservices based applications. With Event driven architecture, Microservices based Integrations and Domain Driven Design, we help you deliver value faster and keep your product competitive in today’s complex market.

Next generation digital experiences with connected systems

We empower the world’s leading companies to build, connect and scale their products. Let’s get started with your integration needs.

What we provide - A Complete Package

We offer full range of services to design & automate business processes & workflows; implement API based integrations between business applications & 3rd party apps. Simplify maintenance, improve service quality & improve your end-user satisfaction.

Need business integration & API management? We are here to help!

Right from consultation, advisory to deployment and support, we offer end-to-end digital integration solutions and services.

Improve Scalability & Agility - Transform a Monolith to Microservices

With our micro services based architecture we ensure fast turnaround time while keeping the integrity of your data intact. We help you maintain a reliable and scalable application in the long run.

// Our Philosophy

With our in-depth integration support, we guarantee a quality product delivery. Here’s how we work:

Identify Microservices

We start this process by identifying microservices present in an application or the need to have one in place, which helps determine which tools/frameworks are best suited.


We are not just about implementing best practices, but we are also committed to long-term roadmapping where this new way of working becomes an inherent feature.

Architecture improvements

We also provide an in-depth analysis on how certain features can improve application architecture.

Implement Microservice Practices

Next, we determine the best approach to implement microservice practices within an application.

Application security
We identify microservices in application and how they affect application security, and provide solutions to strengthen the umbrella.

Smart Integration For Seamless Connectivity

We deliver comprehensive, out-of-the-box Digital Integration solutions that can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud. With our innovative approach, use of cutting-edge frameworks, components, processes, and proven practices; we ensure faster and more secure implementation

Read more on how we helped Pathlock with transformation.

// Delivering the Extra Value that Your Business Needs

We specialise in Domain Driven Design and developing applications by using a robust technology stack, that will work best for your business needs. Our team focuses on building solutions that solve your business problems. We are a bunch of technologists who love imbibing new technologies, and enhancing the spectrum by employing domain driven designing.
Business challenges? We have the right solution

We help build and improve your business through a data-driven approach to solving challenges. It’s about communicating with you and understanding where you are, what challenges you face, and help develop applications that are more coherent, robust, and easier to change than those built using traditional techniques.We offer One Stop Solution that your business needs and cater to all your domain driven design needs.

We build your success

We’ll help you align with the right technology and work together to deliver a solution that is right for your business.

More flexibility for growth

We make use of continuous integration to build strong applications that can adapt themselves on-the-fly as your business grows

Domain expertise

With our expertise and domain specialist we ensure that the application fits any complex business logic or workflow like a puzzle.

Right fit

Using the DDD approach means that your product targets exactly the users that are directly connected to the domain; making your product a perfect fir for end-users.

Focus on the solution
Build scalable, consistent systems that are faster to build, update and manage so that your business can function with no downtime.

// Event Driven Architecture - Future of Business Logic

Event driven architecture has a simple premise, that events are the most primitive way of communicating between layers in a stack, and our services are the stepping stone to that.
The Differential Impact!

With an Event Driven architecture approach, you can promote separation of concerns among your distributed components. We empower your business communications by implementing sophisticated components.

Building Blocks
Event driven architecture has a simple premise, that events are the most primitive way of communicating between layers in a stack, and our services are the stepping stone to that.
Enhance Communication
With loosely coupled components based on event handlers and listeners enable effective communication between your application components.Want to make your architecture event-driven? This is the place to start. See how we helped manage any mobile workforce.

Want to make your architecture event-driven? This is the place to start.

// API - The Power of Integration

API Integration, the new way to grow. It is emerging as a powerful tool for growing businesses. We provide industry-leading API integration services that help companies grow confidently.
Open Doors to New Possibilities
Our API Integrations services will help you grow with confidence, and open your business to new possibilities.
Connect the Dots with API Integration
Increase Your Confidence
APIs integrations enhance the capabilities of your application by plugging innovative add-ons like voice assistance, and helps you bridge the gap and attain customer confidence.
Enhance your Cost Efficiency
Make your way through stacks and stacks of frameworks, learnings and code libraries at a time. With guidance from our experienced professional at every step, you can save time and money.
Reach Your Audience
Easily integrate core solutions at multiple levels of application architecture – without rebuilding from scratch – allowing you to focus on evolving and differentiating your platform.


Product Development

Less admin, more care with complete digital care planning solution

Innovative solution to help people for human caring – For people who need help for their day-to-day activities from other people. An all in one suite for managing resident care, carers, staff and connecting family members.

Product Development

The all-in-one solution to manage any mobile workforce

Our technology helps you plan, manage, schedule and track every aspect of your mobile workforce as they move. Our technology removes the obstacles that get in the way of your business’s progress and productivity.


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     Upon the delivery of the project, our customers receive:

  • Turn-key software.
  • Documentation (technical requirements and design).
  • User manual.
  • Setup program.
  • Installation and maintenance instructions.
  • Source code.

    Our customers retain full intellectual property rights over software.