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Real time water distribution monitoring application

Allows the users to monitor the statuses of various components of a water distribution network such as water treatment plant and downstream reservoirs.


Real time device monitoring application

Monitoring the various parameters like Location, current and voltage etc. of the various components of the backup power source. Time series forecasting for the measurements and viewing analytical data in graphical format.

Natural resource management with predictive analysis and artificial intelligence

Water supply is monitored using map based view, schematic view, chart­ based view and table ­based view. Time series forecasting for the measurements of supply network to improve distribution planning.

Water supply is monitored using map based view, schematic view, chart­ based view and table ­based view ...


EduQfix is one stop solution for the education institutes for 360 degree management of all their work flows and stakeholders

Offer digital platform for institutes to manage entire operations, promote collaboration between parents, students, teachers and institutes

Self learning language learning application

Build language learning app which works on web as well as mobile.


Demand driven meter management solution and analysis

Consumer meters are monitored using mapbased view, chartbased view and table based view. Time series forecasting for the measurements of meters. Error and warning alerts are displayed for the devices using forecasting. Innovative displays such as calendar display, animated scatter charts along with line, bar charts are used to derive insights. Multi level tabular views are provided to get drilled down information. Data can also be exported in the form of Excel or PDF documents.

Real time meter analysis and consumer payment

Infinite meter mobile app works for admin and end-users. Infinite meters user app where users could keep a track for monthly and daily water usage, set his monthly target on usage and thereby limit his water consumption. Infinite meters admin app application where an admin can keep a track on users usages individually




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